Tuesday, 4 November 2008

AspHostPortal - Windows 2008 Hosting Preview

Microsoft has taken web hosting to a new level with the introduction of Windows Server 2008, highly regarded as the most sophisticated Windows server system yet. This astonishing platform allows you to create, deliver and effectively manage a number of applications designed for user interaction. It also provides a more secure network infrastructure along with advanced technology capable of increasing the value of your business.
The Many Elements of Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 offers a solid foundation for your server workload while ensuring that the deployment of your applications are simple and highly manageable. The new Server Manager feature includes a unified management console designed to streamline the processes of server setup, configuration and continuous management. This platform also comes with Windows PowerShell, a newly introduced command-line shell that gives administrators the ability to automate routine management tasks over multiple servers. Windows Deployment Services provides a simple way to deploy the operating system securely through network-based installations. Windows Server 2008 also comes with a variety of self-help wizards, full support of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) and centralized management for network load balancing.
Your web-based applications can be effectively managed and deployed with the new Windows centralized application access features. Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services RemoteApp. permit remote access to standard Windows-based applications from any location, running them on the terminal server rather than directly on a client computer. This eliminates the need for a VPN (virtual private network).
IIS Security

Hosting with Windows Server 2008 includes IIS (Internet Information Services) 7.0. IIS is a state of the art web server built with enhanced security features. It provides an intuitive web hosting platform and enables better functionality with the ability to support a number of applications and services. IIS 7.0 offers considerable upgrades to the Windows hosting environment with a rock-solid infrastructure for greater control and flexibility. Windows Server 2008 simplifies website management and includes diagnostic and troubleshooting features that will save you a lot of time.
IIS 7.0 may be used in conjunction with the Microsoft NET Framework 3.0 to provide an intuitive hosting platform well suited for creating data-driven applications that enable user interaction. This allows your visitors to view, share and perform activity on given pieces of data. Furthermore, IIS 7.0 plays a critical role in merging Microsoft hosting technologies such as ASP, FrontPage, Windows SharePoint Services and the Windows Communication Foundation.
The tremendous benefits and cost efficiency of Windows Server 2008 extends to the Windows HPC Server 2008 as well. Windows HPC Server is specifically designed for the high performance computing environment. It is built with the advanced implementations of Windows Server 2008 and faster 64-bit technology. Out of the box, it has the ability to scale a large amount of processing cores to increase productivity and reduce the complexity typically found in an HPC environment. This advanced platform offers a much greater level of flexibility with seamlessly integrated end-user capabilities that extend from desktop applications to clusters. HPC Server 2008 provides a number of easy to use tools for the development, deployment, administration and security of your website. All in all, Windows Server 2008 offers the ultimate web hosting solution that’s easy to establish or integrate with your current infrastructure.

Windows 2008 Hosting
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