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Sunday, 30 November 2008

ASPHostPortal - Windows Sharepoint3 Hosting Service

SharePoint 3.0 offers some key improvements over SharePoint Version 2, along with the introduction of SharePoint Designer 2007 - an exciting new web site development and management program that provides you powerful tools to build, customize, and contribute to SharePoint sites using the latest web design technologies and established standards in an IT-controlled environment.
A Sharepoint 3 web site will allow you to communicate and share information more effectively. It provides a central location for all of your department’s information so you can quickly share documents, contact lists, tasks, discussions and more.
All our hosting plans fully support SharePoint Services 3.0 Hosting. With just $4.99, you can have your own SharePoint website running with MSSQL Express. However if you need more reliable and faster performance for your SharePoint site, you can always upgrade your site to MSSQL Database Server. Sharepoint hosting is supported on all our web hosting plan.

- Automate business processes such as document approval, custom event notification, and other collaboration tasks with the Workflow Designer.
- Create reporting and tracking applications using data views and forms to easily gather and aggregate data from outside your site and from SharePoint lists and document libraries on the web site.
- Get started fast with pre-built Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Application Templates, which are fully customizable and extensible using Office SharePoint Designer 2007.
- Extend your solutions by building advanced interactive Microsoft ASP.NET pages. Insert and edit controls with the same powerful activity menus and control property grid previously found only in development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
SharePoint site managers can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information. Members’ participation can also be monitored and moderated when necessary. Security and task responsibilities are both flexible and easily accessible. Well-designed lists and entire sites can be saved as templates and reused by individuals, teams, or business units across an organization
- Improvements to collaboration workspaces - SharePoint sites now offer e-mail and directory integration, alerts, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) publishing, templates for building blogs (also known as weblogs) and wikis (Web sites that can be quickly edited by team members—no special technical knowledge required), event and task tracking, improved usability, enhanced site navigation, and more.
- Enhancements to content storage - SharePoint lists and libraries now provide per-item security for better data control and integrity, a recycle bin, and enhanced flexibility for storing more types of content. Row and column capacity has also been increased, as has retrieval speed. Windows SharePoint Services Version 3 can be easily integrated with smart client tools. In particular, close integration with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides offline access to events, contacts, discussions, tasks, and documents.
- Easier provisioning of workspaces - Windows SharePoint Services Version 3 Web Hosting provides more sophisticated and flexible security, as well as greater control over security settings and permissions.
- Robust foundation for Web applications - Windows SharePoint Services Version 3 Hosting provides greater flexibility for customization and development of Web-based services and applications built on the Windows SharePoint Services platform.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

ASPHostPortal - Features of Reporting Service 2008 Hosting

Reporting is one of the most important activities of an organization because it provides a specialized and customized view of the data of various forms that live in databases or are stored in archives. The report is useful in making business decisions, scheduling business campaigns or assessing the competition. The report itself may be required in hard copy in several document formats such as DOC, HTML, PDF, etc. Often times it is also required in an interactive form for retrieving data from the data store and viewed on an interactive interface, including a web browser. The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, popularly known by its acronym SSRS, provides all that is necessary to create and manage reports and deploy them on a report server with output available in several document formats. In Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE it was supported via Business Intelligent Project Type and presently it is an integral part of MS SQL Server 2005 accessed via SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a complete server-based platform that is designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs, including managed enterprise reporting, ad-hoc reporting, embedded reporting, and Web-based reporting, to enable organizations to deliver relevant information where needed across the entire enterprise. Reporting Services 2008 provides the tools and features necessary to author a variety of richly formatted reports from a wide range of data sources, and provides a comprehensive set of familiar tools used to manage and secure an enterprise reporting solution. Reports are processed and delivered quickly and effectively, enabling users to either receive reports automatically through subscriptions, to access reports from a central report repository on an ad-hoc basis, or to consume reports in the context of their business processes through reports directly embedded into their business or Web applications.
Features of Reporting Service 2008 :
  • Report authoring : Report developers can create reports to be published using use Report Definition Language(RDL), an XML-based industry standard used to define reports.
  • Report management : Report definitions, folders, and resources are published and managed as a Web service. New in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, administrators can use the Management Studio to organize reports and data sources, schedule report execution and delivery, and track reporting history.
  • Report delivery : SQL Server Reporting Services supports both on-demand (pull) and event-based (push) delivery of reports. SQL Server Reporting Services can be used to create end user reports in several different formats including HTML, PDF, and Excel.
  • Report security : SQL Server Reporting Services implements a flexible, role-based security model to protect reports and reporting resources.
  • Themes and Skins : This allows for easy customization of a site’s look-and-feel. You can define style information in a common location called a “theme” and apply that style information globally to pages or controls in a site.
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Instant Activation WebHosting with ASPHostPortal promises to deliver quality, speedy and reliable hosting to all its customer. By providing an instant activation feature, new customer can start uploading and configuring his websites’ files without needing to wait longer.
This great feature is available to all new customers who are able to settle the payment via paypal and are verified PayPal members. If we fail to deliver your hosting account in the next 24 hours, we will give you one-month free hosting service.
ASPHostPortal proudly presents the opportunity to everyone to embrace the latest technology from SmarterTools. As our promise to always deliver the top-notch, cutting-edge technology to everyone, we always keep our system up-to-date with the newest and latest technology.

What does “instant activation hosting” mean to our customer?We, at, certainly provides the instant activation service to all our new customers. Your account will be activated upon successful verification of your payment details and usually, it will take less than 20 minutes to activate your account.
Our instant activation hosting service covers some areas as details on the following:
- Instant Activation SQL Express 2008 hosting- Instant Activation Windows 2008 hosting- Instant Activation IIS7 hosting- Instant Activation Smartermail hosting- Instant Activation DotNetNuke hosting- Instant Activation SQL 2005 hosting- Instant Activation SQL Express 2005 hosting- Instant Activation Community Server 2008 hosting- Instant Activation ASP.NET2 hosting- Instant Activation ASP.NET3.5 hosting- Instant Activation ASP.NET1.1 hosting- Instant Activation ComponentOne hosting- Instant Activation Reporting Service 2008 hosting- Instant Activation Reporting Service 2005 hosting- Instant Activation Crystal Report 2008 hosting- Instant Activation Front Page 2008 hosting- Instant Activation Silverlight AJAX hosting- Instant Activation Visual Studio 2008 hosting- Instant Activation SubSonic Project hosting- Instant Activation BlogEngine.NET hosting

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ASPHostPortal - BlogEngine.NET is an innovative open source blogging platform developed with ASP.NET 2.0

BlogEngine.Net is a full-featured blogging platform that is a breeze to set up, customize, and use. BlogEngine.NET works with your choice of data source, you may use SQL Server, or take the plug’n'play approach using XML files.
BlogEngine.NET may be the simplest and most light weight ASP.NET blog at the moment, but still full featured. Here are some of the features:
  • Multi-author support
  • Pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Event based for plug-in writers
  • Theming directly in master pages and user controls
  • Gravatar and coComments implemented
  • Live preview on commenting
  • Comment moderation
  • BlogML import/export
  • Extension model
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Mono support
  • Full editing and creation of pages that are not posts
  • Extended search capabilities
  • Tag cloud
BlogEngine.NET started out to solve the biggest problem with ASP.NET blog platforms at the time. Complexity. Community Server, DasBlog and SubText were all too complex to easily modify, extend or personalize. The Visual Studio solutions for each of them consist of multiple class library projects and heavy use of third-party .dll file dependencies.

BlogEngine.NET Hosting
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Friday, 28 November 2008

ASPHostPortal - Smarter Mail Hosting has formed a strategic partnership with SmarterTools. SmarterMail is a scalable and stable solution with fully integrated anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Just like, SmarterMail is powered by .NET Technology.
SmarterTools release of SmarterMail 5 version represents a major milestone in the history of SmarterMail thanks to the addition of high profile features like Greylisting, Smart Gateways, integrated ClamAV for antivirus and Spam Assassin support for spam blocking, and hundreds of other improvements and new features. Smarter Mail is the perfect solution for a dedicated hosting environment. The software integrates with many of the industry leading control panels such as Helm and Plesk. Knowing that e-mail is a critical component for any e-business Applied Innovations can provide support in a managed or a non-managed dedicated server or VPS environment.

The following is the list of SmarterMail v5.x features:
- New Enhancements and ASP.Net 2.0 Equals Faster Servers
SmarterMail v5.x enhances the performance of all back-end services, web interface code, and supports Microsoft .Net 2.0. This better performance and more efficient server operation.
- Robust Anti-Spam Improvements
Greylisting, SpamAssassin, and additional spam checks on incoming mail have been added to the existing anti-spam measures of previous versions at no additional charge.
- Enhanced Anti-virus Protection
SmarterMail v5.x includes ClamAV right out of the box for superior, open-source virus protection.
- Now Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam
View SmarterMail contacts and appointments directly from Outlook using an advanced connector based on the same model employed by SharePoint.
- Real-time Dashboard and Email Reports
SmarterMail v5.x adds new administrative and email reports and features; including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.
- Improve Performance with Gateways
Using SmarterMail gateways (available with the Enterprise Edition) allows for enhanced load balancing features. Version v5.x also adds round-robin distribution to 3rd-party gateways.
- New Intuitive Webmail and Admin Interfaces

ASPHostPortal proudly presents the opportunity to everyone to embrace the latest technology from SmarterTools. As our promise to always deliver the top-notch, cutting-edge technology to everyone, we always keep our system up-to-date with the newest and latest technology.
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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

AspHostPortal - Windows 2008 Hosting Preview

Microsoft has taken web hosting to a new level with the introduction of Windows Server 2008, highly regarded as the most sophisticated Windows server system yet. This astonishing platform allows you to create, deliver and effectively manage a number of applications designed for user interaction. It also provides a more secure network infrastructure along with advanced technology capable of increasing the value of your business.
The Many Elements of Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 offers a solid foundation for your server workload while ensuring that the deployment of your applications are simple and highly manageable. The new Server Manager feature includes a unified management console designed to streamline the processes of server setup, configuration and continuous management. This platform also comes with Windows PowerShell, a newly introduced command-line shell that gives administrators the ability to automate routine management tasks over multiple servers. Windows Deployment Services provides a simple way to deploy the operating system securely through network-based installations. Windows Server 2008 also comes with a variety of self-help wizards, full support of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) and centralized management for network load balancing.
Your web-based applications can be effectively managed and deployed with the new Windows centralized application access features. Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services RemoteApp. permit remote access to standard Windows-based applications from any location, running them on the terminal server rather than directly on a client computer. This eliminates the need for a VPN (virtual private network).
IIS Security

Hosting with Windows Server 2008 includes IIS (Internet Information Services) 7.0. IIS is a state of the art web server built with enhanced security features. It provides an intuitive web hosting platform and enables better functionality with the ability to support a number of applications and services. IIS 7.0 offers considerable upgrades to the Windows hosting environment with a rock-solid infrastructure for greater control and flexibility. Windows Server 2008 simplifies website management and includes diagnostic and troubleshooting features that will save you a lot of time.
IIS 7.0 may be used in conjunction with the Microsoft NET Framework 3.0 to provide an intuitive hosting platform well suited for creating data-driven applications that enable user interaction. This allows your visitors to view, share and perform activity on given pieces of data. Furthermore, IIS 7.0 plays a critical role in merging Microsoft hosting technologies such as ASP, FrontPage, Windows SharePoint Services and the Windows Communication Foundation.
The tremendous benefits and cost efficiency of Windows Server 2008 extends to the Windows HPC Server 2008 as well. Windows HPC Server is specifically designed for the high performance computing environment. It is built with the advanced implementations of Windows Server 2008 and faster 64-bit technology. Out of the box, it has the ability to scale a large amount of processing cores to increase productivity and reduce the complexity typically found in an HPC environment. This advanced platform offers a much greater level of flexibility with seamlessly integrated end-user capabilities that extend from desktop applications to clusters. HPC Server 2008 provides a number of easy to use tools for the development, deployment, administration and security of your website. All in all, Windows Server 2008 offers the ultimate web hosting solution that’s easy to establish or integrate with your current infrastructure.

Windows 2008 Hosting
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Sunday, 2 November 2008

AspHostPortal - What is ASP.NET AJAX ?

ASP.NET AJAX (formerly called ATLAS) is a framework for building rich interactive, cross-browser web applications. This Microsoft technology integrates cross-browser client script libraries with the .NET framework. ASP.NET AJAX hosting makes it possible to take advantage of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) techniques to create ASP.NET webpages with rich user interfaces. Including both client-side and server-side components, ASP.NET AJAX allows creating web applications in ASP.NET which can update data on the web page without a complete reload of the page.
ASP.NET Ajax also is a great helper to us while developing rapid applications without worrying us at power of asynchronous. With ASP.NET AJAX, we can add AJAX functionality to ASP.NET pages. We can rely on a robust JavaScript library to perform tasks such as making asynchronous method calls and refreshing a portion of HTML without reloading the whole page. On the server side, comes a framework that leverages the power of the ASP.NET technology and lets you create Ajax-enabled server controls.
To make things less boring, you will put ASP.NET AJAX at work by creating a simple mapping mashup. A mashup is an application that relies on external services (web services) in order to retrieve the data it needs. Then, it typically uses AJAX techniques to manipulate and visualize such data. Since web mapping has been one of the preferred fields for mashups - especially in their early days - we will create a simple mapping application that utilizes the Virtual Earth API.

Ajax-enabled Server Controls
One of the strength of the ASP.NET programming model is the ability to encapsulate the markup of a portion of the page and render it dynamically. The rendering logic is located inside an object called a Server Control. The responsibility of this object is simple: it determines which HTML will be written to the response stream, based on decisions made at runtime. This means that the generated markup can vary based on user preferences, environment configuration, and business logic. The dynamic generation of the HTML of a web page is the main philosophy behind server technologies like ASP.NET.
Tools for the Ajax developer
In classic ASP.NET applications, most of the work is performed on the server side. As a consequence, powerful tools exist to closely monitor what is happening when a web application is running. Many of these, such as debuggers and profilers, are embedded in Visual Studio.
With the advent of Ajax, it often happens that the browser is responsible for a consistent portion of the processing logic. Suddenly, debugging of JavaScript code becomes a necessity. Keeping an eye on the flow of HTTP requests and responses is crucial, as applications exchange great amounts of data in the background. Monitoring how the DOM (the Document Object Model) is dynamically updated is important when taking advantage of techniques such as partial rendering.

To satisfy such needs, many tools have been developed recently. These tools usually integrate with the browser to give a real-time experience. One of them is Firebug which runs on the Firefox browser.
ASP.Net Ajax Web Hosting
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