Friday, 28 November 2008

ASPHostPortal - Smarter Mail Hosting has formed a strategic partnership with SmarterTools. SmarterMail is a scalable and stable solution with fully integrated anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Just like, SmarterMail is powered by .NET Technology.
SmarterTools release of SmarterMail 5 version represents a major milestone in the history of SmarterMail thanks to the addition of high profile features like Greylisting, Smart Gateways, integrated ClamAV for antivirus and Spam Assassin support for spam blocking, and hundreds of other improvements and new features. Smarter Mail is the perfect solution for a dedicated hosting environment. The software integrates with many of the industry leading control panels such as Helm and Plesk. Knowing that e-mail is a critical component for any e-business Applied Innovations can provide support in a managed or a non-managed dedicated server or VPS environment.

The following is the list of SmarterMail v5.x features:
- New Enhancements and ASP.Net 2.0 Equals Faster Servers
SmarterMail v5.x enhances the performance of all back-end services, web interface code, and supports Microsoft .Net 2.0. This better performance and more efficient server operation.
- Robust Anti-Spam Improvements
Greylisting, SpamAssassin, and additional spam checks on incoming mail have been added to the existing anti-spam measures of previous versions at no additional charge.
- Enhanced Anti-virus Protection
SmarterMail v5.x includes ClamAV right out of the box for superior, open-source virus protection.
- Now Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam
View SmarterMail contacts and appointments directly from Outlook using an advanced connector based on the same model employed by SharePoint.
- Real-time Dashboard and Email Reports
SmarterMail v5.x adds new administrative and email reports and features; including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.
- Improve Performance with Gateways
Using SmarterMail gateways (available with the Enterprise Edition) allows for enhanced load balancing features. Version v5.x also adds round-robin distribution to 3rd-party gateways.
- New Intuitive Webmail and Admin Interfaces

ASPHostPortal proudly presents the opportunity to everyone to embrace the latest technology from SmarterTools. As our promise to always deliver the top-notch, cutting-edge technology to everyone, we always keep our system up-to-date with the newest and latest technology.
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